The Debate Over Child Labor


Before, during, and even after the Keating-Owen act, child labor was still used. The importance of child labor is the reflection on the country, on how they, as a nation, can illustrate ethical family values. Undoubtedly child labor isn’t one of the family values the United States supported. Before KOA, child labor was a necessity as apart of the economic growth of the Gilded Age. Over time, child labor wasn’t too prevalent through the 1920s-1990s. The influence that child labor had on the world changed the status quo; there was so much debate within the government and the nation itself, child labor was viewed somewhat as a failure to the nation and a disappointment to the rest of the world. Child labor is seen throughout the world, not just in the US. It only brought shame to the nation because the US is a leading nation. What kind of example was the US setting with the use of child labor? The debate may have been settled with the help of the Hammer vs. Dagenhart case, the US legislature finally put an end to the use of child labor, but 100 years later children were still used for personal gain, especially in other countries, like in the GAP Sweatshops controversy.